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Top 5 Ways to Use Your New VPN

So you’ve signed up for our fast, secure, private VPN. What exactly can you do with it? Here’s our top 5 to get your started.

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Browse without tracking

Nobody likes being watched when they’re going about their personal business. In fact, you have the same right to privacy online that you have offline.

Maybe you have nothing to hide. That’s great. But your ISP and your government might well save lots of information about you and store it anyway -- just in case. Advertisers and marketers might store or buy your data to try to sell you things in the future.

We believe you have the right to go about your business without being snooped on. Once your VPN is active, nobody can save your activity -- not even Privacy Web employees.


See the whole of the web

Ever tried to watch a show, a live streamed event, or access a YouTube video, only to find that it’s restricted in your country? Does your government have a system of blocks to prevent you accessing social media or certain blog sites?
We believe that information should be free -- and that’s why Privacy Web lets you browse without boundaries.

Choose a server location and browse around the blocks. With more than 25 cities on our list, you can unlock the whole of the internet whenever you need to.


Add a layer of encryption 24/7

Hackers are always coming up with clever ways to attack you. For example, hotel and airport WiFi is a common source of attacks because everything users do can be viewed in plain sight.

Activate your VPN to keep your information safe. It puts all of your activity into a secure, encrypted tunnel so nobody else can eavesdrop.


Shop smarter

Online stores frequently change their prices according to the location of their customer. You might have noticed this yourself with some electronics and holiday websites.

Want to compare the true rate? Just change your VPN location and save a fortune on that upcoming trip.


Take your private internet connection anywhere

Privacy Web believes that privacy should be portable. We have an app for every device you own. Using one account, you can connect up to three devices at the same time. It’s a simple way to ensure you never risk using the internet without protection.

Enjoy Secure and Private Access to the Internet