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Windows Browsing Made Private

Privacy Web is your perfect privacy partner

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Ensure your browsing is visible only to you

Bypass logging

Now your ISP can’t collect data on what you see

Bypass blocks

See social networks in any country

Protect your data

Our encryption hides your activity from hackers.

Worldwide Server Network

Our network includes servers in over 55 locations worldwide.

We Love Windows

Privacy Web supports any version of Windows from XP upwards. Sign up once and use the same account on three devices at the same time.

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Setup Privacy Web on Windows

Step 1

Click the on button to turn Privacy Web VPN on at the default location.

Step 2

Click the location button to choose a specific VPN location.

Step 3

Once you’re connected, you can use the internet securely and privately.

Enjoy Secure and Private Access to the Internet

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